Introduction of Nanchang University Library: Nanchang University Library is a member of the China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS); the service center appointed by CALIS in distributing references and literatures to colleges in Jiangxi province; station (L25) authorized by the department of education for novelty assessment report; and the information center for medical technology in Jiangxi province. The overall operational area of the library is more than 59,000 square meters with 3 branches, organized according to the subjects, localized in Qianhu, Qinshanhu, and Donghu campuses respectively.

The library is organized into circulation department, reading department, information retrieva l for teaching and research department, information consultation department, management and collection of literature resources department, and information technology department. In addition, there are offices in charge of teaching and research on literature retrieva l and miscellaneous administration. There are 140 members working for the library, 30 of them with the qualification for senior staffs and more than 37 of them with master degree or higher.

  The library now has more than 3.28 million books and literatures, 2.54 million electronic books, around 1912 Chinese or English journals subscribed annually, access to about 72 databases including EI, SCI, ISTP, SPRINGER, ELSEVIER, PQDD etc. With many years of management, Nanchang University Library has now been developed as a center in providing literatures for several leading subjects and at the same time competent to support literature services for majors encompassing science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, and education etc.

In keeping pace with the modern technology, Nanchang University Library has also set up a cloud storage platform for literature resources, computer-based management and control system, electronic literature reading room, electronic literature retrieving room to create a user-friendly and efficient learning environment.

Nanchang University Library strives toward the goals in providing user oriented and considerate services by carefully allocating the literature resources, by attentively organizing the reading zone, by efficiently streamlining the operational processes. The library also aims to become a comprehensive information center by providing literatures in different formats, by efficiently fulfilling the basic functions of lending, collecting, and reading information for users. To constantly enhance the quality of service, the staffs in Nanchang University Library always assume an open-minded attitude in their management and effectively adopt new applications based on modern technology and equipment. They have instituted services on guide for books and literatures, convenient borrowing system, consultation for literature usage, instruction for literature retrieva l, and training program on applications of literature information for those who love to read. For those dedicated in research, the library has offered services such as novelty assessment report, publication and citation check, collection of references related to a specific topic, analysis on the developing trend concerning a particular subject, inter-library borrowing and literature transmission, analysis on the productivity of research results, and training courses for literature utilization.